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I forgot about this game until today and I'm in total shock to see that my game is on this is hilarious because I made this game when I was 13 and when I didn't care about what I was making, it was fun for myself to do a silly kirby fan game that I didn't expect people to play, let alone speedrun. this is absolute madness! making the trophies the sprite is hilarious. thank you all.
here's a link to an update video of the game


when will an updated version be available for download? I would love to download this immediately.


I lost all the files to the game but nothing was fixed besides the added level with an enemy. I do plan on making more games again in the future but nothing of this quality.


Yeah, I submitted this game as a meme, and it really took off lmao


It sucks that you wont be making games of this quality, though I'm sure it's hard to create something as good as this, especially several times 😉

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