How to get Mask of Eternity to run optimally in a borderless window and not crash.
How to get Mask of Eternity to run optimally in a borderless window and not crash.
Updated 10 months ago by ChuckGrody

So after many many months of toiling with Mask of Eternity I finally found a setup where the game will not crash during a run and will run in 1920x1080 borderless windowed. Here was my method: First find an image of the game CD (.iso); this will not work with the GOG distribution. Mount this to a virtual disc drive (Windows 10 does this automatically with .iso images). Then download this: Unzip, and run the installer and install it. You will have to tell it which drive letter MoE is mounted in. Next download this: Unzip (password is kqmoefix) into the MoE directory (Sierra/Mask of Eternity) and run kq8fix.exe. Copy the settings off the site and make sure to check the box next to "Mask.exe". Next download this: Unzip into MoE directory. Go to the "3DFX" folder, x86, and copy the .dll files there to the main MoE directory. Run dgVoodooCpl.exe. Go to "Appearance" Tick "Windowed" Go to "Glide" tab. Set "Resolution" to 1920x1080 or your monitor's native resolution. Hit "Apply" and close the program. Download the Indeo Video Codec: Install it. This will allow Windows to play the cutscenes. Download DxWnd: Unzip to it's own folder. Right click DxWnd, compatibility tab, tick run as administrator tab. Launch DxWnd. Right click and click "add". Name it whatever you want. Set the path and launcher to "Mask.exe" in the MoE directory. Under "Generic" tick "No banner" and "Acquire admin caps". Under "Position" tick "Desktop work area". Go to "Video" tab. Under "Window Handling" tick "No Taskbar overlap" Hit OK to save changes. Launch the game from DxWnd. Now the game should run in a borderless 1920x1080 window and not crash*. You will have to hit "replay intro" everytime for the window the maximize properly, but fortunately you can skip the cutscene. You may notice from strange artefacting, but it will not affect gameplay; there is a cost for stability, and fortunately this is a very small cost. Fortunately, rtrger developed an autosplitter that removed any load times from RTA timing, so variable load times are negligible.

*All PCs/hardware are different so your mileage may vary on this. This has worked perfectly for me so far without a hitch. **Shoutouts to Gimlao for the help with getting this game stable so single segment runs are possible.

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