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The problem with 100% is that the NTSC version seems to have this weird and extremely specific game crash in Great Brain Robbery. I think in the last Kim section, if you've collected everything else in the level up until then, one of the enemies will cause the game to crash upon dying. However, the PAL version does function, but, still, I have no idea who'd be insane enough to want to do 100%.

As for, well, All Costumes, I suppose, I dunno if there's really any interesting routing you could do with that, but, really what do I know. I've thought about adding like a special category for all the secret levels since those could be interesting, though.

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Yes, that'd be the PAL version, it's slower. Due to the differing frame rate, that skip works differently on PAL and I personally could never really get it to work properly on that version.

As for how it works on the NTSC version, fuck if I know, it just works.


I don't think I could put a # on the actual amount of time, all I know is that it's the usual thing of NTSC being 60 FPS while PAL is 50 FPS. This also causes PAL to have slightly different collision/physics, which is also a generic effect of the lower frame rate. This is why the Evil Air skips might be harder on PAL.