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Okay So I get this would count as a meme category but I think it also takes some consistency and skill in order to get a good time. So basically I was bored one day I was Streaming Kingdom Hearts when I had the idea of playing out the Roxas part in the beginning of KH2FM. I was at the part in the story were you are getting money to go the beach, but something I didn't know was that at a certain point the game actually stops you and (I believe its Pence) one of your friends will have a cut scene saying something along the lines of being able to afford a watermelon. I played this on my channel so now I'm curious to see what people think of this. So the run would be Starting the Game and playing until the help wanted board then getting enough money to get the cutscene then the timer is stopped.

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I like this idea


It would just be a run to see who could most consistently do mail delivery over and over.

I think a job% run would be more fun. Do every job once, each as fast as possible. Timer starts when you click to start on the first job and ends when you finish the 6th job. You could have a sub category for Roxas and for end game Sora.


I feel like a job% would be a bit more interesting than a watermelon%. With watermelon%, I personally just see it as you doing the skate minigame repeatedly until you get enough money to pay for the watermelon, which is not ENTIRELY bad, but I feel is less interesting/engaging. With a job%, I see this as a boss rush of sorts, but with jobs. Tacking all of the jobs in Twilight Town as fast as possible sounds a bit more interesting and engaging in my opinion as a category.

If we keep it strictly watermelon%, I feel merging what I see a job% would look like into watermelon% would be the best way to go about it in my opinion: Earning enough money to afford a watermelon, but you have to do ALL of the jobs within Twilight Town at LEAST once.

Hopefully this makes sense.