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Should it be banned or not?

I just wanna hear thoughts about this, I personally have a BC PS3 but im not good at KH2

to prove the time difference in loads to various PS2s and i only have the 50K model.


To my understanding I believe we had the intentions of if anyone did a run of it on PS3, it would be listed under a different category


Pretty much what Liquid said. It saves far too much time to group it together with the PS2.


When we had done expert all worlds I knew I was in the process of getting a PS2, but I didn't have it yet so I did my run on my bc PS3. We only compared one cutscene load in Destiny Islands to Zetris' PS2 and it was something like 2-5 seconds faster. I've been meaning to at least do a full KH Original all worlds run to do a through and complete test but I just haven't. But most likely it'll be many minutes faster and shouldn't be grouped with PS2 runs for sure.

But I mean if other people have bc PS3 and want to do runs on it I'm sure the mods could make a new category? There probably isn't enough interest to garner that though which is fine

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