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Dear KH Community

Many of you have been asking the Kingdom Hearts leader board team what will happen with Kh3 when it is released on the 25th of January. This post will aim to explain how we will be running the community during the busy release date.

First of all, we will be placing a two-week embargo on all Kh3 runs. This two-week embargo will give the moderation team a chance to actually play the games while discouraging people from doing day one speed runs that will ultimately be beaten once actual routing and testing has been done.

Secondly, as of the current moment the only category we have officially settled on is any% which is simply beating the game as fast as possible where anything goes be it glitches or console version. During this two-week embargo we will be looking at what categories we can actually make and be asking the community for their opinions, naturally categories such as the different difficulties, JJ, and All worlds will be obvious choices should they actually exist in the game. However, aspects such as should consoles be separated, what about unpatched vs patched, and hard drives will require data we can only get once the game has been released and as such would kindly request your assistance in helping us gather the necessary data and decide on if we should do these splits.

As far as the community goes, on release we will open the Kh3 forums up to allow people to post boss strategies, general routing, and other information such as load times, we expect this forum to be very spoiler heavy so please remember this and enter at your own discretion. For those worried about spoilers in the community discord the two-week embargo will mean that there will be no Kh3 channel and any spoiler related info will ideally be moderated. We kindly ask that you remember that not everyone will get access to the game right away and be considerate when posting in twitch channels and twitter.

Finally, many of you have been asking who are going to be the Kh3 moderators, and the simple answer to that is we haven't decided yet. For the first month of kh3's release all the existing moderators will have the ability to moderate Kh3 runs and help deal with the influx of runs we are expecting. During this time, we are hoping that the moderators will be able to self-select whether they are interested in moderating kh3 for a longer time. We will also be opening up applications around this time for members of the wider community, we will select moderators by how much interest they have in the game and their involvement within the community as a whole.

We hope that you are happy with these decisions and we are of course open to compromise if necessary.

- Drazerk.

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Best post of 2019. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to handle the release of the game.

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Thank you. Day 1 WR claims are cringe at best.


Perfection. It gives us all time to enjoy the game and not think about speedrunning