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Good Day Runners -

We the mods have been discussing going through and cleaning up the leaderboard for Kirby's Dream Land (KDL). When the KDL board was initially created there wasn't much known about emulator inaccuracies and the rules were very relaxed in that a time could be approved without sufficient evidence.

As time has gone on we've learned more about emulators and how they impact a run whether it be sped-up game play, reduced lag, or just overall inaccuracies to how the game is suppose to ran and now needing sufficient evidence of a run, we will be going through a bit of a leaderboard clean up.

We want to make sure there is integrity with our leaderboard and make sure it is as accurate as it can be. We want to give past, current, and future runners confidence, integrity, and pride for being a part of our community & leaderboard.


What should be expected with KDL Leaderboard Clean Up:
Phase 1:
Console Selection. You've probably noticed for a long while now that some runs are missing what console it was ran on. This is because the original creator of this leaderboard listed inaccurate consoles that this is for. with removing those consoles it left a small void in the leaderboard that we've been very slowly filling (300+ runs... it's a lot)

Phase 2:
We will be removing ALL runs that do not have a video associated with the run. If you were a past runner and you wonder why your run is gone we encourage you to PLEASE resubmit your run with the video. We don't want to exclude your accomplishment.

Phase 3:
Current VBA runs. If there is sufficient evidence that KDL was being ran on VBA, the run will be removed from the leaderboard.

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This actually makes me want to try and make a go of it again because I always used an emulator to run and never felt super accomplished so taking my old vba runs out was sort of an invigoration to start fresh with my new super gameboy 2 (sgb2) and make a run for the top.

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Aw darn, my 130th place Game Boy run with no video evidence was eliminated, heh. I need to figure out how to record it with my iPhone so I can regain my glory!


I'm sorry to say it but..... I don't think on mobile it would be accepted. Maybe I'm wrong, but here the console allowed to speedrun Kirby Dream Land: WiiU, Wii, 3DSVC, SGB, GBP, SGB2, GB, GBI


I believe moogic meant using an iPhone to record gameplay footage, which is perfectly acceptable.

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Hello Moogic, I'm a KDL runner who records with an iPhone. If it would help, I can explain how I personally do it:

So you'll need a place for your phone in a way where it hangs over something, so you do not need to hold it. Once that is set up, simply hold your Game Boy in the view of the camera, preferably as close as you comfortably can. From there, hit record and do your run.

Image for reference: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​lHp1xe8
video for reference:

Once you have your recorded run, upload the file onto your computer, and then onto YouTube.

Now, I would not recommend recording on Game Boy to begin with, as the way I do this is a bit uncomfortable. Using one of the approved emulators would be the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Though if you are hard-set on playing on GB like I have been, good luck, it's not easy.

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Ho well, my bad xD

Thanks for the clarification ahah


What if i wanted to speedrun on emulator but my only means of recording a clean run is with unregistered bandicam, am i allowed to pause, stop and then press record again and unpause?


why not downloading obs for free? obs perfectly does that ^^


I tried to but no matter what settings i did the video turns put as one image every couple seconds followed but crusty audio


Thank you so much for the tips! I am committed to playing on original GameBoy haha, I like the feel and I've been practicing on it. I can also practice anytime on the go 🙂 and you gotta love that midi sound coming from those 30 year old GameBoy speakers, heh. Comfort-wise I'm wondering if I can find some sort of clamp on a bendy arm to hold the phone, or something like that, that I can just set up behind me. Something like: https:/​/​www.​amazon.​com/​Flexible-Licheers-Gooseneck-Rotating-Universal/​dp/​B075ZN7THV/​