Any% in 16m 02s 200ms by breasticklebreastickle - 1st place

Pushing right up against the 15 minute mark. Couple things went wrong, but ultimately the gameplay is stellar. Great run.

Character: Azuki

Played on Super Nintendo [JPN] on

Submitted by breasticklebreastickle on

Verified by NerdyNesterNerdyNester on


Name Duration Finished at
Eunos' Shoe 1m 27s 561ms 1m 27s 561ms
-Kage 1m 15s 631ms 2m 43s 192ms
Tako 1m 26s 658ms 4m 09s 850ms
Ninjas 2m 13s 713ms 6m 23s 563ms
-Kagemaru 1m 01s 423ms 7m 24s 986ms
Shaggy 2 Dope 1m 39s 798ms 9m 04s 784ms
-Vegita Saiyan Syougekiha 1m 15s 489ms 10m 20s 273ms
Meke 1m 04s 678ms 11m 24s 951ms
Galko 1m 50s 327ms 13m 15s 278ms
-Kagemaru Saiyan Vegita 1m 17s 415ms 14m 32s 693ms
-R-Wing 0m 38s 294ms 15m 10s 987ms
-Boss 1 0m 39s 946ms 15m 50s 933ms
Boss 2 0m 11s 463ms 16m 02s 396ms
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