I've noticed that while there's an All Trophies category and an Any% category, these two seem kind of exclusive. Neither requires the other, so they just do the one. Is a 100% category in the works, or is that out of the question?


i think all trophies is basically 100%

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100% is basically completing everything there is to the game. Any% is just completing Any% of the game, but the main point is finishing it.

100% would include both beating the champions and doing side quests (trophies).


yea im pretty sure all trophies doesnt need any minigame at all, just get all the second misions to get the trophies
i would guess a 100% would include not just both getting champion of any% and getting all the trophies, but would also include the rest of the advanced minigames like the one of skate or the 2 of ping pong

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