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A while back I posted a video of a potential big skip in the Mine ... by using the dead body and a group of freaks you can do a certain ghost grab and manipulate both the elevator and the dead body simultaneously ... here's the full video :

but recently I tried this idea again , and I was able to survive on the other side of the door ... this video shows how the "NecroMineSkip" works , and the outcome after skipping the door :

this skip saves up to ~3min compared to a normal Mine run (and if it happens to fail, a second try can also save time, about ~1min)

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now there's a guide for this strat ... sorry it took a while to make, but here it is

you can find this in "Guides" too : https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​inside/​guide/​5yg4s


IMPORTANT NOTE : I didn't have room to explain the last step properly ... the reason you have to switch direction (tap left) before you release the body is because that way you instantly let go of the body, as opposed to just releasing grab, which has a very long animation of the kid laying down the body and then walking off ... so a quick tap in the opposite direction where you pull -then releasing grab- is the fastest way to let go of the body and instantly be free (to fall safely on the other side of the door) ...