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( movement & visual cues only )

S I M P L E - S T E P S

- pull lever left (wait for the lever to go all the way left)
- do a full neutral jump (vertical)
- immediately push the lever right (as you land from the jump)

- jump to the ladder exactly when the shockwave hits
(make sure you jump from the ledge, to catch the ladder as high as possible)

- climb out at the top and keep going right (hold right, no jumps)
- walk off the top part and let the stumble play out (hold right)
- do a full jump over the ledge from a very specific point (see detailed description bellow)
- make sure you land in the area where the top of the shield is

here's an example of the "movement only" strat:


D E T A I L E D - E X P L A N A T I O N

Block blast
- push the block out on the bridge passed its middle point
- let go of any input before the shockwave hits
- from that neutral position, push right exactly when the shockwave hits
(this way, you start to run on the bridge as soon as possible)

if you can't push out the block too far passed its midpoint (or if you run out on the bridge too late after the blast) you risk being behind a certain line when the next shockwave hits (the second wave after the block blast). if that's the case, then you get "the 9", and you'll have to waste 6 seconds (1 shockwave) waiting at the clock lever.
what's "the 9"?
so, usually when you arrive at the clock, you shuold see the shield at the top going away from you but if you see the shiled coming from bellow towards you, that means the mechanism is offset by half a cycle, and since you want the shiled stopped at the 3 o'clock position, that means the offset version is "the 9"

Bridge lever
- hold grab as you approach the bridge lever, and you'll immediately switch it right
- push the lever back left exactly when the shockwave hits
- (immediately after that) do a full jump towards the right

in order to reach the next lever as fast as possible, you need to run out of the last cover at the exact moment when the shockwave hits. the bridge lever movement (explained above) will help you get a perfect timing every time (no random pauses or controller rumbles needed)

[what's the idea behind clock skip?]
For the skip to work, you need the shield at the 4 o'clock position (relative to the center of the mechanism) as the shockwave hits, so that the top of the shield can still save you when landing on the other side. But the shield is offset by 2sec, by default. That means you have to stop the mechanism for exactly 2sec before reactivating it (doesn't matter when you do it, just has to be 2sec). There are 2 ways you can do this: you can either count 2sec and release the lever that way, or you can do a specific action that always takes 2sec (which solves any counting/timing problem, and is much more reliable).

Clock lever (movement)
- before reaching the lever, you have to do 4 full jumps behind the shadow/rock, so you reach the lever asap
- pull the lever left as soon as you can (note that you can grab the lever earlier than you'd think <air grab>, but no need to risk it)
- do a full neutral (vertical) jump after the lever pull animation is over (this step needs practice to get used to the timing)
- as you're about to land from the vertical jump, hold right + grab (so you push the lever right as soon as you land)

Ladder jump
- (immediately after the lever) go right and time your jump to the ladder exactly as the shockwave hits (you might need to stop for a bit, depending how fast you let go of the lever ... so this jump needs practice to time it right)
- make sure you catch the ladder as high as possible (by jumping exactly from the ledge) and hold up as soon as you touch the ladder


[how does the shield save you?]
The landing from the big drop has to occur exactly when the shockwave hits.If you stick to a specific strat, you only have to adjust the timing of the last jump, to get the perfect landing.

Ladder climb (visual cues)
- as you climb up, take note of your position on the ladder when the shockwave hits
(a good visual cue is the boy's head, as you climb passed the 3rd ring from the top when the hit occurs)

- climb up at the top and keep going right (no jumps, just hold right)
- walk off the ledge, to get the stumble on the lower part (keep holding right)
- time your jump from the perfect spot according to the standard position (see situations bellow)
- make sure you actually do a full jump (don't let go of jump button, so it always takes the same amount of time to reach the ground)
- try to land exactly where the top of the shild is going (next to the ground where you have to land)

Situations: (considering the 3rd ladder ring as your visual cue)
- as you climb up the ladder, if you see the head perfectly covered by the ring as the shockwave hits, this is the standard position
- if you see the head completely above the ring as the shockwave hits, then you need to jump a bit later than the standard position
- if you see the head slightly bellow the ring as the shockwave hits, then you need to jump a bit earlier than the standard position
(note - there's not a lot of room for adjustments, especially if you have to jump earlier, because you can barely clear the ledge - so, be warned)



When you climb the ladder and you see the shield rotating very slow, and doesn't catch up
to you... That means you pushed the lever too late (stopped the shiled for longer than 2 sec), and you can only do a 2 cycle clock at this point. Try to adjust the timing for the vertical jump, so you push the lever right a bit sooner (that way the pause takes exactly 2 sec).

When you did everything right, and you land on the other side but the shield doesn't save you... It probably means you pushed the lever too early (stopped the shield for less than 2 seconds), so you get a low shield that can't save you. Try to adjust the timing for the vertical jump, do it a tiny bit later after the lever pull (to get the exact 2 seconds stop).

2 cycles
When you do all the skip requirements but you decide NOT to go for the 1 cycle, don't worry! you can still do the 2 cycles with a low shield. Go on for a 2 cycles clock, and climb down into a dangle off the ledge before the shockwave hits (that way the low shield can save you).

When you do everything right (you get a good shield, a good jump to the ladder and everything) but the skip still doesn't work... It could be that the last big jump wasn't timed right ... or the landing spot wasn't correct ... or the lever timing is a tiny bit off. Play around with these variables and find what works for you. Clock skip doesn't work 100%, but it can be very consistent if you stick to a strat.


that's all ... for now 🙂


I sometimes find it hard to judge the head+ring visual cue at clock skip ... mostly because that part is a bit dark, plus the screen gets blurry just when the shockwave hits ... so, as alternatives, here are other possible cues that might be easier to read, in case you're having problems with the head+ring 🙂 hope it helps