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It clearly states in the rules that the character must be completely reset before a run for First Ending. peepee starts his run with purchased gold, and although his character might've been reset, he would've had to go into options and redeemed his purchase after reset, which is no longer a fresh file going into the run. Silver, you're more experienced as a mod, when people get a run accepted that doesn't follow the rules does it get deleted, or moved to a new category, or what?


Rejected the run due to this. Thank you for pointing this out, I'm not very experienced with this game myself as I'm only a mod while Jd is gone.


so uh, 100% rules desperately need an update. It needs to specify "master all items in the game at least once", because unlocking remastery twice is required to master the Shard (a pseudo-hidden item) at least once, so the current rules are too vague.