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So much potential with this. I can't believe it hasn't been found before, and I'm actually surprised that I found it. I didn't expect anything to work and I literally spent hours just doing random actions against random corners. Then 1 out of 1000 attempts this happened. I then opened up OBS and attempted it again. 2nd time was much cleaner. Also this may look fast, but it took me 3 minutes since the start of recording (I cut that part out). So there's gonna be a lot of learning and risk/reward stuff. It just means that the WR will always be open until someone can find a consistent way to do this glitch. I'm just really happy I found this.

Edit 1: OKAY so I have learned that you can't clip through corners that push you away when you jump whip them. It simply isn't possible. That applies to most corners. However there's still some potential. Just gotta find the right places to use it.

Edit 2: Apparently only corners with small ledges can be clipped through without being pushed back. No idea why.

Edit 3: So after a couple days of testing, whipping may not be necessary. Also, it may not even have to be a corner. You can jump through walls as long as you're standing on a tiny ledge. I haven't tested this myself, but this is really neat.