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This is an old relic used in the past, enforced by places like Twin Galaxies or SpeedDemosArchive. The modern world as it functions come speedrunning, is that every runner will have their own separate goals when it comes to speedruns.

Some of them will obviously attempt to 1CC as that's generally considered good and with minimal timeloss for the speedrun itself. Others however, will have a slightly less ambitious goal of just clearing the game and submitting a time, but not per se with 1CC in mind. Resulting in timeloss, but granted still a speedrun nonetheless..

1CC will only prevent this community growth and neglect runners of various different levels as the thought of attempting the game 1CC will effectively scare some individuals off.

I think it's for the this community's interest to get rid of it and broaden the acceptance of the general speedrunners capacity a bit wider.


The stage 4 end-boss _might_ benefit from repeated death/i-frame abuse. Perhaps some of the mid-bosses elsewhere could be sped up via i-frame abuse as well. I'm not sure, though: you'd need to do enough extra damage during i-frames to make up for the loss of damage from respawn.

In any case, thanks for posting this recommendation. Let's see if anyone else chimes in.

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