any% in 23m 29s by Second_FrySecond_Fry - 3rd place

Boss troll confirmed, could be second place.

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Name Duration Finished at
Act 1 5m 47s 000ms 5m 47s
Act 2 – up to CCTV window 1m 20s 000ms 7m 07s
Act 2 – up to Water Door 2m 46s 000ms 9m 53s
Act 2 – up to Fire Elevator 0m 42s 000ms 10m 35s
Act 2 1m 06s 000ms 11m 42s
Act 3 – up to Gel Door skip 3m 59s 000ms 15m 41s
Act 3 – up to Gel Flight 1m 57s 000ms 17m 39s
Act 3 5m 49s 000ms 23m 29s
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