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there is a cheat menu available in the game that allows changing settings like amount of laps, pickups or unlimited gears
There are also some extra codes that unlock for example "Always Turbo Start"


That's a difficult question as you wouldn't have to play through the whole game to unlock everything then, but it's also much more difficult to discern which cheats are used, when cheats are used, because some of them are definitely game breaking.
So, for now, no.

Edit: Actually I'm not sure if you can unlock cars through the menu so it wouldnt even be that useful for bringing everyone to the same level.


You can unlock cars from that menu
Full list of things to unlock:
Cups available: 1-6
Cars available: 3-8
Unlimited Gears: Yes/No
Pickups: Default, [a selection of all the usual pickups], "Secret" and "Random"
Laps: 1-9

So for any% speedruns you could just activate easy difficulty, all cars, unlimited gears, nitro pickup and 1 Lap

Enabling the Cheats menu or activating any cheat disables saving, that would be a quick way to check if that menu has been enabled since its greyed out in the options menu
(btw, the discord handle in your profile doesn't seem to work)


Ugh I guess you can't rely on the notification system here, so sorry it took me 2 months to notice - anyway.
Looked into it myself now.

You can basically get a "complete save" by enabling the Cups, Cars and Gears so I will add that as allowed to the regular any% rules (with the exception of having a few more gears, but I barely even use all of the gears you get regularly).

I will also add another Cathegory with the ruleset you suggested (1 round, turbo pickup) as it seems fun.
I also didn't actually know the game had a difficulty setting, so I will add setting it to easy as a suggestion into the rulesets.

Also my discord handle is correct, I don't know what the problem is.