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A user named PayDay on the Homeworld discord server created a load-time remover for Deserts of Kharak. He said he would be working on an auto-splitter next so stay tuned for that update.

You can download the load-time remover from Livesplit itself or add it manually with the link below. Let me know if something isn't working right.


PayDay is at it again and finished the Auto Splitter for DoK. You can download it directly from LiveSplit itself or once again add it manually with the link below.

Huge thanks to PayDay for his work on the load time remover and auto splitter! 😃

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Hello, I am not familiar with how to use this. I added the auto splitter but do I need to do something to tie it to the homeworld exe?

Is there a set of splits that can be downloaded or do I need to make a split for each level first?


Hello friend. Thanks for your question and I hope to see a run from you on the leaderboard in the future. It would be awesome if more players were running this game.

To activate the auto-splitter and load time remover, go to LiveSplit, right-click and select edit splits, then hit the button that says "activate" near the top.

Secondly, right-click on Livesplit again, select edit layout, press the " + " sign (which adds something to your layout), select Control, then select "Scriptable Auto-Splitter".

Once it is in your layout double click it, make sure both options for Start and Split are checked, and you can double check the script path is pointing the to AutoSplit file that Livesplit (or yourself) downloaded. If you need to change it just hit the browse button, and select the file, but I don't think you'll have to do this if you downloaded it through LiveSplit.

The auto-splitter should automatically start livesplit when you start the first mission of the campaign, and automatically split at the end of each mission, specifically when you hit the next mission button after completing a mission. It will stop timing when you defeat the final boss of the game and the ending cutscene starts (it ends about 2 seconds late, but I've never worried about it).

If you have troubles or more questions feel free to reach out to me and I'll do my best to help you. Good luck!

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Also I forgot to mention, I'd recommend making a split for each level. If you want my splits just let me know and I can send them to you or upload them in the resource tab for this game and you can download them there.


If you could upload your level splits that would save me some time!

I am coming for your gold trophy >:)

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I added blank splits to the resources tab for you. Bring it on man! 😃