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Rules don't specify. All secret beakers I'm sure, but what about the letters from Mom? All puzzle rooms? Any% skips three of them with map warps.


Hmm interesting question... I realize I haven't thought about that, I was focused on beakers but letters should probably be part of the run. I don't know about all puzzle rooms on the other hand.
I'd like to know about other runners' opinions about that, even if a very few would be interested in 100%.


My original thought for 100% was to collect the all the letters from Mom and the beakers, but that is pretty much open to discussion since none of us have done a run of it. I set up the rules really quickly and glanced over the fact that I just copy and pasted the same rules from any% into 100%.


Alright, made some updates to the categories:

any% has been left the same
warpless% has been added as a suggestion by emeraldaly as more of a "story run" to help viewers understand what the game is about. Still optional to collect the letters, but might be a good idea for viewers so they can actually see what is going on with the story.
100% rules have been updated to collect all of the beakers; the letters are not necessary. The reason for the letters is there isn't an official way to track if you've collected all of the letters in the game, only the beakers.

And I don't think warpless 100% is gonna happen, unless you REALLY want to do that, then I'll make it a miscellaneous or something.

If you guys have any other opinions, please let me know 🙂

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Hi, I'm kind of new to speedrunning and I watched a couple of your guys runs and just finished a full playthrough of the game to 100% it.. I'm not sure how many people have tried to do a 100% run of the game, but if anyone would like to work with me to find an optimal rout for this then that would be appreciated.


I know a couple of us have expressed that we wanted to try to route 100%. I haven't at a late of time lately because of work and preparing for a marathon on a different game.

However, if you have some sort of a route currently for 100%, we could definitely tweak it to be optimal (unless it already is then that's fantastic).

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I'm currently working on a decent route. I finished a run earlier that was 2:36:00 but I unfortunately didn't get a chance to save the vod because of my twitch settings and the fact that I'm streaming on PS4, but I changed everything. I want to try and practice more of the late game (Mountain and University) with the color swaps and optimal routes that are already implemented. But I only just started playing Hue a day ago and I can already see that 100% is only going to take about 30-40 more minutes with barely any death's/messups

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