(Xbox/GCN) Skip nearly all of the expelliarmus spell chamber

By vgm5.0vgm5.0 Last updated

At the beginning of the challenge go to the left where the wiggenweld refill is. Destroy the spike balls and climb up to the higher ledge. Go past the wiggenweld room and stand on the ledge jutting out from everything else. Line up the camera so that you're facing a the far right part of the pillar. Jump at it and if you do it right harry will climb back up into the pillar. After you start climbing up hold up on the stick to clip to the other side of the pillar. Once here go to the edge of the platform line it up so you are facing to the right of the pillar in the wall and jump towards the thing with fire on it. You should be standing in midair if you keep holding in the direction harry will repeatedly jump in midair. Once in midair next to the fire stop moving the stick, then push the stick towards the wall. If done right harry should comb down of the invisible ledge into the structure blocking the door. From here you can get the spell and leave right after it.

(I haven't tested this on the ps2 or xbox versions)
(I use it in my speedrun watch it for a better example) (It happens around 1:01:40)

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