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If you have a map you'd like to submit for the Level Leaderboard and it's not there, please post here so I may update the settings.

Also, if you could keep it to the default maps, i.e. not custom maps or from the Internet/maps that did not come with the base games, I'd appreciate it (as well as not have to check if something has changed on a custom map).


Hey Adamdotpng !!

I wonder if it could not be preferable to delete some level leaderboard game with no submit run yet because it's more complicated (dead dragon, dragon pass and thunk) ?

Thanks a lot,
Flogoo 😉


I can always add those levels back later if someone requests it, but for now I'll remove them to make the Level Leaderboard easier to read.


Yess thanks !!! 😉

Have a good day,
Best wishes,


can we add "the other side"
just finished my first run and want to upload it x)


can you perhaps add skirmish? one of the maps that came with price of loyalty
thx in advance man


I'd like to request "Dungeon Below", please. Found an old recording, might as well add it.