No Major Glitches - PC in 20m 11s* by EnneaXEnneaX - 34th place

Time with loads: 20m 17s 900ms

Frame-counted: Yes
Submitted by:
EnneaXEnneaX on
Played on:
PC on
Verified by
Shockster_Shockster_ on


Name Duration Finished at
Dream World 0m 22s 000ms 0m 22s 844ms
An Unexpected Party 0m 53s 000ms 1m 16s 500ms
Roast Mutton 0m 25s 000ms 1m 42s 094ms
Troll Hole 0m 27s 000ms 2m 09s 846ms
Over Hill and Under Hill 4m 04s 000ms 6m 14s 394ms
Riddles in the Dark 2m 27s 000ms 8m 41s 924ms
Flies and Spiders 2m 53s 000ms 11m 35s 413ms
Barrels out of Bond 0m 46s 000ms 12m 21s 739ms
A Warm Welcome 1m 42s 000ms 14m 04s 260ms
Inside Information 1m 56s 000ms 16m 00s 879ms
Gathering of the Clouds 0m 57s 000ms 16m 58s 538ms
The Clouds Burst 3m 19s 000ms 20m 17s 927ms
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