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I didn't actually think there would be runs of this game but it makes sense I guess, I ran easy practice mode mage v mage, was wondering if you would make a category for easy and hard practice mode single games?


thanks in advance for any help.


Late response, but I just now learned that these practice modes exist and wanted to suggest adding the categories for easy and hard practice mode. We would however need a new game that is just Hearthstone since I assume we can't currently have categories that are not in one of the adventures.

Something else that might be an interesting category would be rank 20 to Legend. It's a bit crazy, but probably possible in a reasonable time if you do it late in the season.


I support the creation of Normal Practice and Expert Practice categories. As an example, I did a couple of runs of the Normal Practice mode this morning:

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Very late response, I've seen this thread long time ago but I didn't remember to respond to this until now.

Yeah, I guess I could add a "Hearthstone" game later, especially there's already a run of it. Thanks Zypher for reminding too.