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"No 30 Lives Code" Should be selfexplanatory: Its called any% for the vast majority of us.

"Loop 2..." Refer to https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​ghosts_n_goblins but I'd argue "2 loops would suffice. Although they also specify for NES which is interesting as that brings us to...

"Any%" What happened here? It doesnt specify in the rules that its for ColecoVision at all, clearly thats what you intend with it judged by the 1 run up there though.. But the main category should act as a sub-category and not a category on its own. https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​sm64#1_Star Notice the Subcategories under the actual categories? the N64/VC/EMU ? This game should make use of NES and I assume CV for ColeccoVision..

Those are my main gripes just looking in on this board atm. I'm studying NES shmups chronologically released for the system on my down time as a means to discover new titles. That lead me here and... ya.. There's alot to straighten out when it comes to organizing with categories and rules here.

My two cents


I agree with these recommendations. I was a little surprised at the ColecoVision run getting its own Any% category, rather than renaming the "No 30 Lives Code" to Any%, and adding subcategories for platforms or consoles.

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As the game leaderboard gets more runs, I simply ask for patience as things develop and updates will come. It is the same for every game leaderboard. We currently have a total of 7 runners and the game is not overly active at this time.

I remain open to any and all feedback everyone has, as always, when the time comes, there will be an overhaul of the leaderboard, tailored to the interests of those which have spoken up here. This was the intent from day one, when I founded the leaderboard here. It is nice to to see it has grown to this point!

Not sure why it should be surprising the colecovision got a category, a runner came to the forum, just as you are now, asking for it to be added. That is how things work after all.