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It's good to see the forum getting activity. 🙂

I personally like the approach of using only the skills/utilities given to a character at level 1 (So buffless/skilless..etc.). Keeps it simple and accessible to newer players. I don't have a problem with using buffs and skills, I'm just saying what I prefer. Also, for a buffs/unrestricted category I think the teleportation gun should be allowed, you can get it prior to any run just like having to unlock skills/utilities prior to a run. The executioner's axe while in the game isn't always available, if it was I'd say it should be allowed (but it's not).

Void jumping (VG)/logging out and back in to traverse terrain needs to be clarified in the rules too. It breaks some puzzles, but then again if you're operating under the true any% mindset every tool in the game should be allowed right? (Kinda joking, but yeah disallow VG)

For the speed buff in LA, if you wanted to get rid of the buff from the advanced logistics mastery just make a new account - go to wvw and take the portal to LA. You can make a new account to get rid of gliding and all HoT masteries too.


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Sorry that I ask again, but what are now the official rules for restricted (and unrestriced) runs?
Are Weapons (as Shortbow) ok? Are Skills like Shadowstep ok? is withdraw allowed? is staff 5 (on thief) allowed, is dash,steal sword 2, signet etc. allowed. I'm really confused now 😱


If you go into any Jumping Puzzle and click on Rules you will see answers to your question



Edit: I got another question: If a JP like Behem Gauntlet a.e. has mobs, is it allowed to kill them beforehand? What if random people killed them? Is the run not unrestricted anymore?