How much time does it take to verify a run in category extansion? I submitted my badlands run and i will be happy to know how much time it take i saw in one the speedrun it took only one dayand other ones 2 days or sometimes in the same day


It depends, mods have other things to do aswell you know.

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you should forget about your run being verified in the next 20 days really

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Why Masakovske? I just checked and it says ot will be verified in 1-3 weeks


Algorythm is simple

1. Wait 3 weeks
2. Try to contact moderators
3. If your run is still pending and moderators are not responding, do a request to be a game moderator, src admins will look it up.

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The run had been pending for 3 days when you made this thread. I've been moving countries, so I've been busy. You already saw that it could take 1-3 weeks to get it verified depending on what's going on at the time.

Making threads about it won't make the process any faster, we will get to it once we have time.

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