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And if I could punch people in the face for calling me out for cheating, I would.


...if you have technical difficulties with your stream and you need to pause, YOU KEEP YOUR TIMER RUNNING; idk what the hell is so hard to understand about that rule, but this is a damn RTA and follow the rules like people that actually respect them like me.. I am pissed off that you called me out because I have worked hard for my PBs and have not had HAD ANY HISTORY of cheating! I have never even considered pausing during a real run, and the second I would do it I would man up and admit that I made a mistake instead of trying to hide it like a weasel bc it is COMPLETELY DISHONORABLE and because I was taught better as a child! You say if you had my run, you wouldn't get accepted? Well, for starters, try not to have a reputation as a cheater in the first place.

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Post, how old are you? ''Weasel'', ''dishonorable'', ''taught better as a child'', what? I have never denied that i made a mistake, i admit it as soon as i did it, one of the first people i mentioned it to was S via twitch pm.

I have spent much more time on SA speedrunning than you have, i like how you seem to make it out that i myself don't ''work hard'' for my PB's.

Even before that mistake which was months ago, i still wasn't accepted into this precious little group, so don't act like you wouldn't be suspicious of my runs either way

Mamamia, i'm not denying that people have tried to help me here, i'm just not in this group, people will still be cautious of me no matter what i do.


Cyber. We've tried to explain this to you a hundred times. There is no "littlle group." As Josh said, everyone is welcome IRC where the community talks. Also for some reason, people have stigmitised you as a cheater - weather that's right or not is regardless, but what isn't is the fact that you need to build your self back up by doing runs where you're not pausing timers. Which I have seen on your stream recently. Just keep this up and all of this will blow over.


MisterPost maybe you should spend a little more time interpreting CyberThunder's statement about your run. He wasn't saying you cheated, he said you could've cheated. It just so happened to be your run that had 2 picnics in it, so he used it as an example.

"All of you are against me because that's the type of people that you are, you don't even follow your own ''rules'', MisterPost's run is split up into 3 segments, each has a minute difference and he still gets accepted? "
Where exactly is he calling you out as a cheater here? He is just asking why we accepted your run but not his.

Cyberthunder didn't understand the rules, so in his eyes us accepting your run but not his seemed unfair because he was unable to tell the difference between his and your picnics, so we clarified to him what the difference was.

Now everyone STFU in this thread or I will ban you, don't care who you are.


^ one more post and this just gets deleted


Here is my new PB [5:33:32] -

No picnics, no timer pausing, no lung capacity upgrades leftover from previous runs, etc.

No deaths, but the execution could be much better, i made plenty of mistakes such as a 2 minute loss at Vertical Bird.

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