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I just tested it in Chrome and got the same thing... how odd


tl;dr: This is all the fault of the lack of a "reason for denial" field (and the ability to appeal it.). Send me links to your VODs, and I will point out if and what is wrong with it with timestamps and clear explanations (so no youtube style 'this is bad' comment).

Long stuff:


"What is S even talking about? He never messaged me with any advice, nor Tirean, if you want to tell me something, come to my stream, but you won't do that because you know that you're wrong."

While not directly, one of your friends/viewers/someone messages me on twitch and told me he talked to you on skype or whatever and asked me what to do. I gave him advice, (and Tirean told me he did the same). He must've not passed it on in which case he is a shitty friend (or not one at all if he was lying). Ignore what I said about that advice then, I was wrong to assume he would actually relay to you what I told him.

@ misterpost's run, in case of a picnic what mamamia described works. You compare wsplit to the ingame clock and you look at the start/end of some stats. This works for short breaks like misterpost's picnics (about 30 seconds). I'm sure you (cuberthunder) would get away with a thirty second picnic if the timers match.

Things get a bit more complicated if the picnic is longer (5 minutes?) or happens around a part that sets your time to a fixed preset time, although not impossible and this still shouldnt be a problem unless you pull WR-tier performance/luck and people arent too lazy to compare the missing part to other parts from other runs and pull some logic on them.

It's a large trust based system and people don't trust you for various reasons that I am personally not fully aware of by firsthand (only heard stories) so I won't comment on them. I would verify your run myself, but someone with less patience/trust/motivation did it before I did (or they did but since the site lacks a reason for denial field i can't tell which is the case (PAC, PLEASE MAKE THE REASON FOR DENIAL THING YOUR NUMBER FUCKING ONE PRIORITY, THANKS), and currently the site lacks any feature for moderators to see rejected runs so I can't verify. So just link me the VOD(s) and I'll point out everything that is wrong with it with timestamps included and everything, so no simple "your run didn't follow the rules but I won't tell you how and when, so reject".

Edit: NVm, the rejected stuff is visible now. Didnt even see lol. Will get on it immediately.

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I want a special picture next to my name 🙁

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Start time VOD1: 00:20
Start time Wsplit1: -00:03 (Timer started on entering bicycle, not gain of control.)

End time VOD1: 1:34:34
End time Wsplit1: 1:33:37
End time IGclock1: 05:40

Difference VOD1: 1:34:14
Difference Wsplit1: 1:33:40
Timers offset: 34 seconds.
Cause: Paused timer, See supplement 1

Start time VOD2: -00:02 (VOD hangs at 00:00 for a while before it starts counting.)
Start time Wsplit2: 1:34:35
Start time IGclock2: 06:38

Difference Wsplit2-1: 0:00:55
Difference IGclock2-1: 00:58
Timers offset: 3 seconds
Cause: Visible paused timer at 1:34:34.67 (during Catalina2) wsplit time on the dead first frame of the VOD with a duration of 3 seconds + whatever loading screen may have paused the ingame clock.

End time VOD2: 41:11
End time Wsplit2: 2:15:48
End time IGclock2: 22:54

Difference VOD2: 41:13
Difference Wsplit2: 0:41:13
Timers offset: 0 seconds.

Start time VOD3: -00:02
Start time Wsplit3: 2:16:01
Start time IGclock3: 23:04

Difference Wsplit3-2: 0:00:13
Difference IGclock3-2: 00:10
Timers offset: 3 seconds
Cause: Visible paused timer at 2:15:58.32 (during Jizzy) wsplit time on the dead first frame of the VOD with a duration of 3 seconds + whatever loading screen may have paused the ingame clock. Going into the Past Broadcast vod and not the highlight vod reveals a paused timer for a prolongued period of time of more than 3 seconds. There is no way of telling the amount of time passed during stream downtime.

End time VOD3: 3:19:37
End time Wsplit3: 5:35:43 (Adjusted for timer being stopped slightly too early)

Difference VOD3: 3:19:39
Difference Wsplit3: 3:19:42
Timers offset: 3 seconds.
Cause: Rounding issues, Legit!

Additional problem:
Both the game and timer were paused during stream downtime between both Vods 1-2 and 2-3. Twitch provides no timestamps for Vod creation time (only date). Timing of RTA time is impossible.

Swimming time: (no game reboot was made before resetting during Don Peyote)
555 we tip:
start swimming: 23:53 / 1:58:31
end swimming: 24:31 / 1:59:09
Total: 0:38

start swimming: 25:18 / 2:41:20
upgrade: 26:01 / 2:42:03
end swimming: 26:30 / 2:42:32
Total: 1:12

snail trail:
start swimming: 28:41 / 2:44:43
upgrade: 29:35 / 2:45:38
end swimming: 29:38 / 2:45:41
Total: 0:54(u) - 0:57(e)

Total total: 164 seconds
Start to upgrade: 38 + 43 = 81 seconds (should be sufficient)
Upgrade to upgrade: 29 + 54 = 83 seconds (should be sufficient)

Assuming all 80 seconds were spent diving without waiting on the surface for a while, it should be sufficient unless the water was too shallow. Seems legit. Despite the run being a soft reset. Does this glitch not apply to xbox? I'd look into actual time spent UNDER water rather than IN water, but it doesn't matter anyway because the run is a reject anyway.

Issue 1 (Paused timer during Big Smoke for 35 seconds): No problem, add 35 seconds to wsplit time
Issue 2 (Paused timer during Catalina2 for 3 seconds): No problem, add 3 seconds to wsplit time.
Issue 3 (Paused timer during Jizzy for 3 seconds): No problem, add 3 seconds to wsplit time.
New Wsplit time with inclusion of pauses:
5:35:42.42 + 0:02 + 0:01 + 0:35 + 0:03 + 0:03 = 5:36:26.42
(Onstream time + late start + early end + pause + picnic1 + picnic2)
This time is NOT valid because there were more pauses than the ones listed, of which length unknown:
Issue 4 (Pausing of both game and timer during picnic): No RTA timing possible. Leaderboards are RTA. Unless runner can provide proof for an RTA time, rejecting is the only option.
Issue 5 (Soft reset, so lung capacity fucked): I'm a bit in the dark on this. It seems to be in order but I'd need someone more knowledgeable on the mechanics to look into this and confirm (which won't happen because of issue 4 so theres no point.)

Final decision: The run is a reject because of both the timer and game being paused during two stream outages, making RTA timing using just the vods impossible.
Solution: Don't pause the timer during future runs.

Supplement 1:
Random Point VOD1A: 44:51
Random Point Wsplit1A: 43:53

Difference VOD1A to start1: 44:31
Difference Wsplit1A to start1: 43:56
Timers offset: 35 seconds
--> approx. 35 sec disappeared before RP1A

Random Point VOD1B: 16:06
Random Point Wsplit1B: 15:07

Difference VOD1B to start1: 15:46
Difference Wsplit1B to start1: 15:10
Timers offset: 36 seconds
--> approx. 35 sec disappeared before RP1B

VOD skimming reveals paused timer at 2:44.83 WSplit time during the end of Big Smoke from VODtime 3:08 through 3:43 (duration: 35 seconds)




Sick, you are the best!


I appreciate you looking into it while noone else did, S. I'll just get another run as i've unbinded the pause hotkey.

The soft reset glitch or whatever does apply to xbox, it's just that i already got two upgrades in that Don Peyote run, so i have to re-do both of them in the new run.


Best of luck with your upcoming runs, Cyber! Hope you manage to get a nice, new PB that we can give a spot on the leaderboards 🙂


Thanks, Adam. It's nice to hear that from a big steamer like you.

I'd also like to apologize if i have previously offended anyone with anything, i'm not against anyone, i only present negativity if others do so.

If you still dislike me for whatever reason, then feel free to continue, i'm not going to fight negativity with negativity anymore.


No problem. Now if only I could figure out who that dude was that sent me that PM.


Just for clarity's sake: I was the one who rejected the run in the first place, for the same reasons as S. mentioned above.
Finally being able to give reasons for rejection is great, btw Pac.



Both the game and timer were paused during stream downtime between both Vods 1-2 and 2-3. Twitch provides no timestamps for Vod creation time (only date). Timing of RTA time is impossible.

Actually, I think the Twitch API give timestamps for vods, because if you use , it gives you the time and date of the beginning of the broadcast

Twitch VODs
part 1

part 2

part 3

Assuming that Cyber's run is legit (no cheats or loading save during picnics) it should be possible to give this run a RTA timing

part1 - Recorded Aug 1, 2014 at 10:04 am, could be 10:04:00 or 10:04:59
run start at 4:06:43 (vod time) => 2:10:43PM or 2:11:42PM (local time)
part3 - Recorded Aug 1, 2014 at 4:30 pm could be 4:30:00 or 4:30:59
run end at 3:20:10 (vod time) => 7:50:10PM or 7:51:09PM (local time)
final time of the run is between 5:38:28 and 5:40:26

This run was probably a 5:39:xx but I guess the 5:40:26 should be the time used for the leaderboard (if the swimming times are ok as well)

I don't know if this is enough to get your time on the leaderboard, but in the end it shouldn't matter because I'm sure you'll get a better run soon


Well there you go. I'm okay with the 5:40:26 being posted then as I see no reason to believe this run was cheated.


Originally posted by Gaël

While the above is still kinda iffy, I guess it's enough to allow the run on the leaderboard with a time of 5:40:26, if other mods agree.

The swimming times are fine here, so that's not an issue.

Just as a general statement for others who read this: If you want to submit a run with issues similar to this run, don't just submit something and expect the mods to fix it to the correct time. We all try to be helpful, but there's a limit. If you have a run like this and want to submit it anyway, check for the correct time yourself (use this thread to help) and add the proof to the comments section when submitting.

Even better: just don't ever pause the timer during the run, no matter what happens, and avoid most issues altogether ;)


I'd like to get a better run and post the actual end time, since 5:40 isn't my time and it isn't good.


CyberThunder: you are out of your mind to think I would pause the timer and 'enter a cheat' during a fucking picnic for a 5:34:11. I didn't have any opinion of you prior to this thread, but c'mon man, this is sad. Welcome to #gta Kappa


I was blaming you objectively, i'm not saying you did, just that it's a chance. If that were me i'd have no chance in veryfying the run.


Cyberthunder you seem to think that everyone hates you, and therefore your runs will always be subject to extra scrutiny, that isn't true. People have gone to a lot of effort with you here, S tried to RTA time your run, Gael found a way to actually do it, and I think people have generally been quite nice. Yet you still post comments like the above. If you followed the rules in the first place it wouldn't have been a problem, that's all people have asked of you. You were not penalised because people 'hate you', you were penalised for not following the rules.

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Just forget it. If I could lock threads I would.

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Just forget it. If I could lock threads I would.


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