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So yeah sorry if this exist somewhere, couldnt find it. Anyway i havent streamed a pc game using 2 monitor setup. As you know when playing in fullscreen on primary monitor, the game will minimize when clicking onto the second one. DragoonClawnz gave a programm called Cursor Lock. It locks the mouse to my primary monitor which is great but i cant acces my second monitor to type something in the chat etc. , maybe i am doing something wrong with hotkeys but it i can move mouse only when i alt+tab.

Then i discovered a programm called - Actuall Multiple Monitors which does excatrly what i want, i havent downloaded and tested yet. Anyways guys, what are you using to game on one monitor and use second monitor for chatting while streaming?

One more thing, i want to play fullscreen and my capture card captures my monitor. Games like sanandreas doesnt have windowed mode as far as i know, atleast without mods or smth. So sorry for noobish topic. Hope somebody can explain me all this.

Long post ftw, sorry 😃


well if ur trying to chat on twitch while playing san andreas, u can pause the game and go onto the second monitor to type into the chat


well seeing that others do what i told then its duable, maybe they have different setups or smth. Windowed game etc., thats why i am asking.


You can't leave a fullscreen without pausing the game. You need to play it in windowed mode if you want to leave the game and chat.

Most modern games have an Option called borderless window or fullscreen windowed. Which looks like fullscreen but behaves like windowed mode. That way you can also leave the game and chat.

If the game doesn't have that Option, you can still run it windowed and use a tool called shift window to make it fullscreen windowed.

But most people who chat while playing usually use a 2nd pc or Laptop.


Have two monitors and play the game windowed. Lots of games let you, on windows 7 at least, move the window to the top of the screen and resizes it to be just as fullscreen as a firefox or chrome browser window.

That only applies to resizable windows.