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After the restream of the trilogy 100% race JustShanz applied for partner in the name of GTAMarathon. Suprisingly this application got accepted and the channel will be getting partner soon. For transparency reasons i want to mention again who manages the twitch GTAMarathon account and this one, which is JustShanz and Eidgod.
Now to the part why i am actually writing this for. Since the account has now twitch partner there will be some money made and since it is and will be a community effort on what is going on on that channel we thought it should be up to the community to decide what to do with this money.
To give everyone a few ideas of what we think the money could be well spent on:

- Since in its current state this site is completly ran by Pac, which also includes all the costs being covered by him (no ads on, we thought it would be a good idea to help him out a bit with the costs

- #gta mumble: Since this was used a lot during the restream and will also be used during the GTA Marathon it is probably a good idea to support JustShanz who is currently financing the mumble on his own.

- Oasiz's Server: Since Oasiz will support the GTAMarathon by letting us use his server for rtmp streaming it might also be a good idea to support him in this regard.

If you have any other suggestions or general opinions on this please feel free to respond.

We would also appreciate ideas in regards to what Subsymbol to use for GTAMarathon and any ideas for Subemotes.

And now for the future. Since we won't be able to do gta marathons every few weeks we also need some suggestions in terms of channel content and what you might want to see on there.

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I'd say split the money over all those three things, then again, I don't know if one option is much more expensive than the other.

As for a sub emote I'd say go for a sneakily edited Shatner face.


The suggestions for what to do with the money sound good to me, Pac, Shanz and Oasiz deserve to get something back for supporting services we all use. As far as channel content goes, it could be used similarly to KSPTV, that's the official channel of the creators of Kerbal Space Program that has "shows" by notable KSP streamers, so we could perhaps do weekly runs of all the different GTA games, with runners swapping every week, and the channel could also show SRL races, if they have a decent number of participants. Anyway, that's just my .02

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Give it to me. There's only one thing that will save you. A highly fortified structure in the shape of the most powerful thing on the planet: ME!

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Using the channel to restream races would be a good idea, like already mentioned, and also to let smaller streamers take it over once in a while to help them get some exposure. Maybe let Grathargor stream on it this weekend? 😉

In regards to money, the ideas brought up in the first post seem good to me, the only other things I were going to suggest were charity (obviously) or maybe if we have any left, use some of it for give-away prises we were talking about having? Oh, also Joshimuz's MTA server, seeing as we're probably going to be killing that at the end of the marathon. Kappa


Another area the money could be used for is SRL server costs. Although SRL don't have any trouble raising funds, we do sit around on their IRC everyday so maybe some contribution would be good.

Another idea I've had is that we use it to fund a phonecall skip bounty?


As generous as it is of you to consider giving it to me, guys, after seeing the other options, I think oasiz and JustShanz are much more deserving of the money, and I'd like to see whatever I would have gotten go to them instead.

I don't really care about money anyway - that's why we don't have ads here 🙂

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I think the money could be split over those three choices, but should be used primarily to fund the mumble (maybe something like 50/25/25%) because it's the only thing only used for #gta.
oasiz probably uses his server for other stuff all year long, and Pac said he'd rather see the money go somewhere else (even though he spent $3500 for the domain name DansGame )
As for channel content, I agree with m00nchile, the channel should feature one runner every week or so (like SDA did with their Community spotlight stream every week before SGDQ), and restream organized GTA-related races
Also GTAMarathon could create a GTA twitch team


m00nchile's idea is great, I agree with his point.
Also, as for me, everyone from that list should get support, because that would make speedrunning live even better for everyone.
@Pac, hey, you've spent 3.5k dollas only for domain and I can't even realize, how much effort you put in this website, so don't be shy OneHand


If there's literally nothing to do in between GTAMarathon(s), would restreaming WRs after a few days work? You could get runners to commentate along with a few other runners of the game or something.
There could also be a podcast but I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not.

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send the money to any als foundation cause its what people do these days OneHand

and restream and cast bigger srl races on the channel


^stream ice bucket challenges of #gta members

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^ A podcast would be pretty neato imo. Not sure if it would catch on though.


Podcast might be good every now again, like for example if something big happens like the week when all the replay glitches in VC were found. But I can't see there being enough new content to have one regularly.

On the subject of re-streaming WRs, what about a WR marathon? Where you stream and commentate a bunch of WRs at once. Might be good to clear the backlog of WRs that aren't gonna be beaten soon.


Some really nice ideas here..
Damn it's impressive 😮

Just cause pac put so much money and work in it I would actually like to say he well deserved it.. but since he doesn't want to it might be a better idea to split it up 😖


Sounds good. Splitting it up between them would be a better idea too.