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I wrote a program today for myself that helped me make my custom radio without having to copy-paste literally every mp3 I wanted in my radio. Essentially what the program does is create symbolic links from your mp3 file to the /mp3 folder for your game (or wherever you specfy, really).

It only works in Windows from Vista onwards, since XP and previous don't have the mklink command. I figured I'd release it considering I got some use out of it. If there's breaking bugs I'll give a go at fixing them. Cheers.

The source code is available at:

Latest downloads found here:


thanks, I'm going to be using this. good job ffzThumbL OneHand ffzThumbR


New update! v0.2.0, adding playlists! Changelog and downloads here:


Another update, it now saves your last used directory used and you can now randomise your playlists.

edit: Randomising playlists may not do anything as yet, will update.


Now people won't, hopefully, be slapped with a content id mute.