When I get to the Haunted House and get the pony power up when ever I try to jump it takes forever to register. Is this just me or is it the game? I'm using an emulator btw.


I remember something like that when you have many enemies on the screen. What emulator are you using?


I think your game is running as intended. You know how the the Horse Costume bounces all the time? Well that's not just an "idle animation", your sprite is actually leaving the ground. Since the game is programmed to only allow the characters to jump while they are touching the ground, your inputs will only register at the times you're not bouncing. It's VERY ANNOYING, and, aside from the Cloud Boss, is the worst thing about this game. Lol. I get around this by pressing/holding down anytime I want to jump with the Horse Costume. Fun note: this also can affect your ability to enter doors. XD

Unless everything on screen is experiencing slowdown, I pretty sure this is what's going on.

As a side note, you may want to switch to snes9x regardless if it's not your current emulator's fault. It was recommended to me when I started running, and has worked perfect ever since.