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Just downloaded this game and will definitely give 1.3 easy a try.

Are there any route guides available that you could point me to or if not could anyone let me have a brief description of the route? A map, if anyone has one, would be especially useful.

I see we got an update today on Google Play but it just says that there are some 'minor bug fixes' so hopefully the existing 1.3 route is still ok.

Any help greatly appreciated.


ye, there are 5 routes available, the route all speedrunners use is this here:
Cog 1: Bathroom; pick up and instantly throw downstairs
Hammer: in closet way between both rooms to your left of spawn room; pick it up, go to attic, undo plank, place it down, grab hammer, break camera, go downstairs, undo door planks
wire cutters: do safe glitch cut box in basement, cut wire at door, go to attic and cut fan in jail cell
pad key: grab it in jail cell fan and use it on downstair door
padcode: in top left shelf in kitchen; use it on door
playhouse key: straight ahead from kitchen to door the cabinet drawer closest to the wall, go outside and unlock the door, put the cog in the cogwheel thing?
winch handle: in cabinet right under padcode; go outside, use it on well, bring cog 2 up
Cog 2: in well; place in cog puzzle thing?
Master key: in cog puzzle thing?; use it on door.

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Thanks, really useful summary! I will watch a few runs and try and learn then grind for a decent time soon.

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Hi. it's map of house in Granny -
Also i recommended read full walkthrough all levels in version 1.4 -

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Hey I just wanted to ask one of the mods if I could also be a mod, I would be very active and have some runs in the game as I already do. Sorry for bothering

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Thats not necessary for the moment i think, all mod are actif and all runs are verified in less than 1 day! But thx for the offer.
So @Rioyner is the Red Sword