so lately a couple of runs have been uploaded, and they are different, but yet in the same category!
for example, Token is playing on easy, while giantluca is playing uberhardcore, while snowysnowwolf and me are playing, the normal story mode, which doesnt give us the ability to dash from the start and also gives us a 10 second or so cutscene.


Okay, so we need some standardization and cleanup for the page.

1: Have full-game any% be the first category shown when visiting the page. There's no reason to show ILs first.

2: I like time attack mode as a standard for runs because it removes differences in load times, plus you have exact timing for each level.

3: Director's cut is the console version, right? That should probably be indicated in the names. Something like "Any% (PC)" and "Any% Director's Cut (Console)"

4: change the single-world names to be more generic. Everyone understands what "World 2 Any%" means, but "Octor Freud Any%" is confusing.

Edit: Also, there are separate leaderboard levels listed for bosses for some reason


Also, there should also be IL times for Owlverlord levels, since Owlverlord runs are being lumped in here for full game runs.


Either Token can do that, or it is not possible. I looked into the options I have as Admin and none of those things were an option to me...


I pleased you, oh canadian runner!

No jokes aside, looked into it, found the button that puts Full game runs on top of IL's and changed it emidiatly. Also put Any% runs on top of Segmented runs.

I think this is better, so people instantly see the Fullgame run first, which I consider the most interesting category.

Of ourse any change is up for debate


Okay, so the full game leaderboard is a mess. "Vanilla any%" should be first, it's the full original game. M3toxi, your Directors Cut run needs to be put in the vanilla category, you clearly didn't even watch the other run in the category. Giantluca's run is longer because it has the 7 extra levels from Owlverlord that are part of the Director's Cut edition. DC is also only available on consoles.

Any% is worlds 1, 2, and 3 - the original game

Owlverlord Any% is the 7 levels in the owlverlord expansion

Any% directors cut is world 1,2,3,and the owlverlord levels

The single-world categories are okay though.
Owlverlord could probably use some sort of description like "Complete the 7 levels from the Rise of the Owlverlord expansion (I-VII)"


changed! Although I thought vanilla was reffering to an older version of the game!


I was thinking about moving the Uberhardcore runs to their own category making an "uber%" or sth... what do you guys think?

Because the way it is right now, it's not fair timingwise, a uberhardcore run starts with the dashability and gets rid of the dragon cutscene in 1-1 so technically they should even be faster

  [user deleted]

Probably late to this but

On director's cut, the bosses are actually separate levels for some reason. I don't know why the change happened. I also had director's cut separated from Any% as they are not lumped together as they are on the PC version.

Also, level leaderboard was over full game due to the fact that at the time of running, people weren't running full game. There would be no point of having an empty full game category when IL's can be up front where people are submitting. That makes sense. 😛

Since the game was ran on normal by a few people (didn't bother to add those runs to this), that should be left as the standard.

~ Token