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Here are the Mechathun decks I used for Lazul and Rafaam, in my recent ASM marathon run.
Lazul: AAEBAcn1AgrtBeIGxAj1D9YRnccCzukC8fsC66wD8KwDCooB+wGcAom0Ao/HAvLQAsfTAv3hAp2pA4SxAwA=
Rafaam: AAEBAcn1AgqQB8MW08UCnccCzukCwvECw/MC8fsC8KwDrroDCooB2wbiBvwPl8ECj8cC58sCx9MC2psDhLEDAA==

For Rafaam, I'm using Dorian combo since it's safer than Thaurissan + Enchanter, you don't need to spend a turn to setup the combo. Late game could be dangerous in this fight, and having to spend 9-mana on a turn to setup the combo can kill you.

I put more cheap spells than before to have more chance in having a cheap spell for the Kaelthas trigger.
The Plot Twists can also be used to counter Chaos Gazer's effect once in a while.

For Lazul, I'm still using the Thaurissan+Enchanter combo since the fight's easy, and doing the 9-mana setup is rarely dangerous.
I'm still not sure if this is faster than using Dorian. It has faster animation speed, but Dorian combo can be done in turn 9 if you're lucky. Having to do the Thaurissan setup also reduce the chance for you to get a kill within 10 turns.