Solo Adventures in 24m 26s by TsubakiTsubaki - 4th place

Because this explanation depends on Google translation, it is highly likely that it is a wrong sentence.

Decklist :

This time I was just lucky, the mistake turned out to be conspicuous.
It is embarrassing to publish video.

Lana'thel accidentally changed the window size when using the card.
I am upset because the size has changed significantly this time.
When using Call of the Wild in Purticide, the timing of the operation is too early and attack of Huffer is not done. .
Moreover, it was fatal that I did not notice the mistake.
In Sindragosa afterwards, I was not aware of Lethal, it was only ugly playing that I misunderstood the timing of Deathrattle's invocation.
However, because I updated the record, I had to raise the video.

I confirmed that it is about 45 seconds in total.
I hope that others will update it.

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