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So, just like the title says, I'm changing the current categories that are currently present in FNaFB 1 as of today, I'm adding categories so that the current ones don't get lost or reset and this will also help change some of the stuff like getting only Kingly or Godly weapons in the 100% categories, I've only managed to do some of the work early this morning but I'm gonna continue the rest when I get home by the time this is posted.

I haven't decided whether or not to add in Q Scenario categories because I never tried it and I don't know if I should have Any% and 100% categories for it as well, so until then, the leaderboard will be as it is, I'll try my best to get FNaFB 2 and 3 refined once people start making more runs for those games but I still care about this series, yeah I may have been very lack luster on submitting my runs to keep this active and showing that this game can be ran a lot faster than you think, but I just never had the time cause my computers keep breaking from hard drive problems and it's been killing a lot of my motivation but I do wanna run this game again so I can improve not only this leaderboard but the other two leaderboards as well, I hope I can help to the best of my ability to improve the skill ceiling for not only the players but also to improve the leaderboards the best I can.

If you have any thoughts on this, make your voice known, I won't stop you so that I can understand what I need to do to help this leaderboard a lot more.