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I had added SilenceErupts as a series moderator to add the other two games in the series upon request.

He opted to change timing on one of the games or something, and probably should've reached out to the moderator through additional mediums to discuss that change, but I somehow doubt that would've solved the problem in this case.

That sequence of events probably could have happened a bit more formally, but the resulting attitude given was in my opinion out of line, and the site really cannot functionally have moderators acting like that or things do not work. I removed the other series moderator.

This game seems to be like 10 button presses, it seems like serious business.


Thank you very much, and yeah, I didn't expect this to turn into something so crazy, I thought he would have not responded since he didn't on this site (although I could have done so anyway.)

But things just got out of hand, I would have changed things back if he asked to for the first game, and done things my way for the second. But that didn't happen...