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Mass housing is free for all attendees. It will take place across the street, so it is like minute walk there from venue itself.

When it is open:
Mass housing will open 9.10 at 16:00 (local time) and will close 11.10 at 16:00

We can't sadly provide free mattress, but we will purchase one for you with no extra cost. It will be most likely 10€ and this will be most likely one we are gonna get. After event, you can keep it or leave it for us for next FinnRuns event.

If you need mattress, please post on this thread and we will reserve one for you. Bank account numbers and such will be given later.

There is showers in mass housing that you can use through the event.


If it's not too late to order one, I'd like to have a mattress.


Brormanis, Elgu and Shrimp will get their air mattresses on-site tomorrow.


do have our own "dorm" or is it same one that the Lan people use, just wondering can we have a stady spots and live stuf there like last time or shuold I be prepared to unpack and repack every day?