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Hey I was thinking about what a 100% run would look like. Before I waste my time and screw it up please give me some input and let me know if I missed anything.

From a new game (new game + 100% seems weird)

All 10 chapters

All sidequests (including stuff like seeing Luna's dress)

All cactuar statues

All scraps of mystery

All meal preps

All 13 royal arms (even though sword of the tall seems bugged and I cant find a way to trigger it yet)

All upgrades unlocked (idk what this game calls it; sphere grid stuff)

All weapons/accesories/items (1 of each)

Thats all I can think of. If theres anything else let me know.
Also can anyone think of any other sidequests like the wedding dress one that dont trigger from a questgiver? Thanks


Best place to reach is generally the discord. 100% would be hard to define as some of those items don't show in inventory or a trophy check.