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I've watched the run from start to finish. The name of an incest anime is said, once, without elaborating on it. There is no racism, and the mental gymnastics one would have to engage in to perceive anything as discriminatory towards homosexuality is astounding. There is also mention of 4chan a couple of times, from Zero himself no less, who escaped all punishment somehow. “Treatment of Zero” was also put forward as a ban reason, even though on many occasions, he was the one making self deprecating jokes and derailing the commentary. The game, Resident Evil, was certified M (Mature) in America and the ESA stream (as far as I know) is marked as Mature also, so anyone underage shouldn’t have been watching in the first place. It wasn’t standard speedrun fare, but it was entertaining. Not every run will be to everyone’s taste, no-one is under any obligation to watch, and no one could possibly have been offended by what they heard. I think it was an overreaction.

In the end though, I don’t think it matters what anyone else thinks about it. I imagine that external factors were at play here, even the smallest amount of reading in between the lines could tell you that, because things just seem to have taken such a jarring turn. I made a donation at ESAW, during Bens Vice City Any% run that went as follows; “Hello Manlets. Sorry I can’t be there to support you and the rest of the boys in person. I’ll donate another dollar every time English_Ben bullies someone”. Josh had a donation incentive to watch the lewd (blowjob) cutscene in The Ballad of Gay Tony. How did we go from that to having a huge list of banned words next to the donation station (NO MORE CUCK DONATIONS) and people being terrified of upsetting anyone else. Are companies turning off to the idea of being involved with the event? A full broadcast apology was made. Was that really necessary?

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