Route maps

By chronoonchronoon. Last updated

Home Bay

Crystal Springs. Squeeze in gap between bottom and 2nd-to-bottom rock.

Fault Zone. (Hard difficulty rocks not included in this one.)

Two Tides

Trellia's Bay


Sky Tides (The level extends past the 1st set of arrows (exit) on Hard.)

Tubes of Medusa

Hard: Aqua Tubeway


Fin to Feather

Eagle's Bay

Asterite's Cave

The Lost Orcas. (Hard route in red. The red X means that orca isn't there on Hard.)

Hard: Maze of Stone

Four Islands

Sea of Darkness

Vents of Medusa


Sea of Green

Sea of Birds

The Eye (glitchless)

The Eye (glyph skip)

Big Water

Deep Ridge

The Hungry Ones (bird clip excluded)

Secret Cave

Lunar Bay. For barrier skip, avoid lower-left branch, sing to lower-right glyph for invincibility, push in 2nd-to-bottom urchin, and press up when inside it to get pushed out the other side. Otherwise follow the route (the glyph follows the line on Easy but this map shows the Hard position.)

Vortex Future. (Green squiggles at bottom-right mean to break the wall after getting the key glyph.)

Black Clouds (old route) (Dolfy's sweet clip hyphenated at top-right.)

Black Clouds (new route)



Dark Sea. The wall clip just requires a high speed swim straight left into the top of the wall.

Hard: New Machine

Vortex Queen (Easy route)

Atlantis (Hard difficulty only has one falling stone, the first one.)

Fish City (Fork represents 2 options.)

City of Forever (Hard route is in red. Hard doors are in orange. Easy door is in yellow.)