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Will there be categories for the other difficulties in the future?


I actually didn't even realize the other mod had resigned until getting the notification for your runs and forum post so I'll answer as the sole mod for that game.

If someone is willing to actively run it why not, as long as there's a run to put in it when it's created.
Thing is there's very little justification for it that I can see, I could be wrong but between easy and very hard it's the same spawns except they have more health and only Inferno has places where spawns differ, resulting in runs that use mostly the same strategy (as in use endgame weaponry) except it's a tiny bit different as the enemies have more HP but move towards you faster) up until inferno which while different to some degree presents it's own set of reasons why it's probably not a good run either, although those are more up to length and the credible risk that you can kill your run very far into it (not that I haven't thought about trying at some point anyway but that's another thing).

If you were to do a run with level limits on equipment in relation to mission and difficulty level like MP it would become more interesting to have difficulty level separations obviously, but that becomes lot more work for everyone involved as said limits have to be enforced by the player himself and obviously those have to be verified for each level afterwards.

As of right now I'm leaving the rules / categories as they are because they promote the fastest way to run which seems like it's the best possible thing they can do, I'm maybe tweaking the rules a bit regarding the health limit as it doesn't make much sense inn regards to the rest of the rules (also considering making the auto splitting script mandatory for any PC submission due to some quirks with how the game works)
But if you were to do and submit a run (maybe also a compelling argument as to why it's a good run and maybe even a ruleset) I have no reason to refuse barring some extremely stupid categories (which I might still add as misc. if I can find some sort of speedrunning value to them) or submission containing obvious cheats / modded weaponry, an Inferno run is something I personally have considered doing and will be added once I (or anyone else) do a run or.

tl;dr: For your main question the answer is probably yes, if someone submits runs for it.


I'll see what I can come up with for run categories, but I would not mind doing runs with the weapon limits on. I was talking with my co-op buddy about that, and he said rather do runs that limit you then those that give you the weapon limit off.