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(I've created this thread here because the first game is the most popular one of the series)

so I made some thoughts and.. I thought that a discord group for the Danganronpa runners would be a nice thing since "normal chatting" doesn't really exist here and we could announce things such as rules changes or category additions better.

I understand that some people may not like Discord - or don't use it at all - I consider that. But anyway, I want to hear some opinions of you guys. 😃 If I see that there is a fair amount of positive replies I'm gonna create a group with Text channels for every game and leave an invite link.

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I think it would be cool to have our own discord, even if it doesn't have a lot of people it would be a easier and better way for communication! 🙂


I usually have discord open for other stuff while not at work, so sure 🙂


I've actually been considering this for quite a while now. Now that someone else has brought it up I think i'll go ahead and make one and post it in the forums of all danganronpa games.

Edit: Just actually read the end of Slowpoke's post. I don't mean to steal your thunder or anything haha. The group has been created and i've posted the link in a separate forum post.


perfect. 😃 I am sure it will improve the communication between users a lot and make things easier to discuss (because personally I believe for such a small group of users, a forum doesn't work very much).