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[I ignore noting when you fight some people in tunnels and caves. Just fight them and keep moving.
Numbers denote which conversation choices are quickest.
non-cave directions are rough directions. Cross reference to the maps for best effect

Level 1 - Dragon Trouble

-Go to Hexwood
-Nice Cottege
(!)2, 1
-Talk to 'jolly peasants'
(!)1, 2, 1
-Talk to 'a strange man'.

-Forest directions:
(!!!)S, E, S, W, S

-Move S, E to find an 'old man.':
(!)1, 2

-Cave directions:
(!!!)S, E, S, W.


Level 2 - Lord Felton

-Head S into the forest.
()Mash A
-Head E, S, W to the peasant
()Mash A
-N to Village. Enter town hall.
()Mash A until you leave the town
-Head to the mill before Felton's Village.
()Mash A
-Head back to the barricade.
()Mash A until in forest

-Forest Directions
(!!!)S, E, (f)S, W to dragon.


Level 3 - Long Lost Brothers

-Just head south; she will call out to you.
()Mash A
-Head S, E, to Lord Brok’s house for a fight.
()Mash A

-Dungeon Directions
(!!!) N, E, N, E, N, W, (f)N
()Crazed Peasant: 1 1 2 1; 1 1 1 1

-Cave Directions
(!!!) N, E, N, W, (f)N, W
()Kill, leave

-Head S from the woman, east and south into the house
()1, 2
-Go back to Oatmeal House:
()2, 1
-Back to old man
()Mash A

-Forest Directions:
(!!!)S, E, N, E, N, and then DRAGON!


Level 4: A Revolting Woman

-Head E, S, W, until you see a man.
(!)2, 1, 1
-Head back out and S to get to a house.
-Head back to the man.
(!)1, 1, 1, 2
-Head out and full N, W, N to get to the village. Talk to the soldier
(!)3, Mash A
-Head N, E, N, E, to get to the forest.
()Mash A

(!!!)Head E, S, E (Kara)
(!)2, 1, 1
(!!!) E, (f)S, (f)W(Hewe)
-Follow the path, fight the dragon.


Level 5 - Friendly Dragon

-Go N, E, N, and enter the village Pub: Play Honest John’s game.
()3rd cup
-Go the the Hat Shop, and buy a small hat.
(!)2, 1, 1
-Head SE to find a Bucket Head.
(!)3, Mash[7] A, "Give me the bucket"
-Head back to the village (NW)
()Head to the town well, Mash A
-Head to Kara's house.
(!)Mash A, Redbeard is 3, MasH A

-Forest Directions:
(!!!)W, (f)N, W, (f)N, W, N
()Mash A

-Head NW to Gilbert.
()Mash A
At the waterfall, select ‘enter waterfall’.
-See the dragon
(!)3, 1, 2
()Battlex3, Mash A


Level 6 - Swamp People

-Head E, S, to find a wild pig.
()Mash A
-Head N, E to find a village.
Go to the cook house(Left). Answers:
()2, 1, 3, 1, 1 and out.
-Go to the jail house.
()Talk to the guard.
(!)2, 1.
-Talk to Gilbert.
()Mash A
-You are now outside. Head S and a little bit W to get to the gate.
()Mash A

-Forest Directions:
(!!!)Head S, E, S, W, S, W
-Welcome to Avalon. Talk to King Arthur’s gravestone(Left)
()Mash A. Leave Avalon.

-Head S, W to find the swamp person.
(!)Answers: 2, 1, 2, 1
-Head S, W, S, to a cave. Talk to the dragon
(!)2, 1
-N, E, S to find Gilbert.
(!)1, 1, 2.
-Draco lights the touch.
(Mash A)
-Head N, W, S back to the cave.
(Mash A)

-Cave Directions
(!!!) E, S, E, S to find the dragon.
()Kill it


Level 7 - The Revolt

-Head N, E, S, E to talk to a Peasant.
()Answers: 2
-Head E, N, E to find another peasant.
()Answers: 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1.
Head W and S to find a house.
()Answers: 1, 1, 1, 2, 1.
-Head W and S to find another ‘farmer working’.
()Answers: 1, 1, 2, 2, 1
-Head S and W again to find a house.
()Answers: 2, 2, 1, 1
-Head E, N, W, then S to Rebel Camp. Talk to Hewe.
()Mash A

-Head S, First E, S to cave
()Fight the dragon, but he flies away.

-Talk to Gilbert to the N
()Mash A
-Head N, W, N, W, to a house.
(!)2, 1, 2, 1
Head E, S, W to an old man.
()Mash A
-Head E, N, E to Gilbert.
()Mash A to get to the end.

-Cave Directions
(!!!)Head E, (f)S, E, (f)S, E


Level 8 - King Einon

-Head full S, full E, full S into the forest.

-Forest Directions:
(!!!)Head S, W, S, W, S, E to talk to Hewe.
(!!!)Head E, S, W, N, and find Gilbert.

-Dungeon Directions:
(!!!)Head N, W, (Kara), N E, N, (Aislinn), E
(!)1, 2, 1

-Straight path from here on out.

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