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DBZ speedrun fans, thank you for participating and following this leaderboard. This was one of the first leaderboards I was in charge of handling and it needed a power up.

The goal is to have a fun and fair leaderboard. If your new here, or an old fan, be sure to post any feedback or categories you might want to have added here.

I added several things that should have come to be standard for fighting game leaderboards, as well as, should be standard with the Butoden series.

-Fixed the rule sets for all categories and main rules.
-Clarified the order needed for the 100% category.
-Added Easy, Normal, Hardest, and 100% to Story Mode Sub category.
-Easy is basically any% so the rules have been defined clearly.
-Separated tournament mode by default, and secret characters unlocked.
-Tournament difficulty was added.
-Runs were double checked.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope current runners and future runners try their hand out at some of the modes this historical DBZ game has to offer.

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