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Just wanted to let you all know some adjustments made to the board recently.

JrmHD91 Has been added as a mod, and is a really great runner! With mods being active as we are, all runs on the board have taken less then 48 hours to verify! So submit them if you've got some good times, we're always looking for more People who played xbox live servers back in the day, and are looking to push this version once again!

-CO-OP category in individual levels has been removed. Until a consensus is reached on timing without the use of in game timer (Not shown in co-op).

E( )M8 is an example of use without the timer, but to do it for co-op runs, and accounting for level loads between consoles, turns off many to timing individual levels in co-op. If the demand is met in the future, it will be added back with discussion on timing rules.

-All Levels now have their proper names in IL's, and the Original Xbox exclusive level, E1M10 Sewers, has been included on the board. The level was added by a developer of the original Xbox port, who made the level when he was a very young map builder, in the early 90's. The map is more for prosperity then anything, but its there if someone decides to grab some free golds.

-Xbox Live Leaderboard Scores: With recent talks, has discussed plans in the future for Highscore submissions. With this being the case, in the future we would hope to support IL's for High scores in accordance to the Xbox live leaderboard 15,000 level point maximum.

15,000 is accomplished on Nightmare difficulty, with 100% Kills, Secrets, and Items, and must go Below the maps Par time. This can be one of the hardest achievements, and few levels still don't have a perfect 15,000 score after the games launch in 2006, so we would like to make the option of video submission of high scores available in the future, if it is adopted over all to

Keep running guys! IL's, Episodes, Co-op and more!