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First off, thanks for creating the guide yogi!

So, I was wondering. Did anyone do any experiments choosing any of the other heroes than Cedric? Yogi mentions that the leadership is "probably" good for the battles, but is this confirmed?

I guess I'll try it out for a bit, but was just wondering how much you have experimented in this game already.


I have done some work with the other three guys. The only one that I've successfully completed the run with is Geoffery, and it seemed fairly tight. The other two both get pulverized by castle 2 usually. But my experience is still limited thus far.

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I guess the test would be TAS the same route and same inputs with Cedric vs. whichever guy has the WORST leadership and see how the battles go. I think the main RNG of the run is determined on the final input before the first income screen pops up. I think Wilfred actually gets 1 more income at the start which would give you 1 extra soldier at the cost of 1 less leadership, but I really have no idea about the inner formulas of the game or if Leadership or Bombard is actually the best choice.


Man, would love to have a TAS'er spending some time on this. Do you know anyone? 😃


I can try it, but it will have to wait until after the Big 20 Marathon, as that is consuming all of my free time. Sadly, that also negates it's usefulness to the group. 🙁


Wilfred gets 1 more gold, and Geoffrey gets two more gold. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the only thing Leadership affected was the speed of your bow when defending a castle (how quickly it can move back and forth across the screen), but I don't know how accurate that is.