Any% (obsolete) in 12m 54s by Henpaku (Obsolete)

Well, here it is guys. Sub 13!

Its all the usual stuff. Observing the map for all the tells. Duping keys without messing up. And just overall having a really good clock tower.

A new strategy was proposed to help find ramparts exit more easily, though still subject to RNG it increases the odds of finding it first or second try which saved me much time in all the runs this strat was applied. This run, I got it first try!

Also for reasons I am not sure how best to explain really, I can predict the location of castle exit with alarming accuracy now. Its not always accurate, and sometimes It doesn't work. But I've noticed that I can probably tell where exit is about 60% of the time and home in on it very quickly. Best explanation perhaps is that I just played the hell out of this game and now my mind is one with the map generation logic.

As you can see a lot of time was wasted in castle this run, so pushing the time down even further is definitely possible.

Before this run actually I achieved a 12:56 which was the first sub 13, and then later this time. Later in the stream I managed to pull off a 12:58. Slowly but surely my times are starting to steadily enter the sub 13 void.


PS: Sorry for the cancer music... I kinda just let my chat request songs and somehow they started trolling me with a ton of... noise(?)

In-game time: 8m 46s

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Name Duration Finished at
Reset Hell 1m 14s 061ms 1m 14s
I need like 2 scrolls :/ 1m 28s 887ms 2m 42s
Bad RNG 1m 10s 920ms 3m 53s
WRYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! 0m 49s 592ms 4m 43s
Oh My God Bats 1m 27s 204ms 6m 10s
Key First Try? 2m 14s 337ms 8m 25s
Bye Friend 0m 30s 374ms 8m 55s
Where Runs Go To Die 2m 22s 074ms 11m 17s
One does not simply World Record 1m 37s 331ms 12m 54s