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Excuse the dust and incomplete categories! I'm still working on setting everything up and defining categories and so on.

If you feel like something should change, feel free to request so here or in a seperate thread!

I'm new to being a moderator on, but I hope we can all work together to create something fair and awesome! 🙂


Woah, I was actually intending on making this page soon, but it looks like you beat me to it, haha. Hopefully there'll be some competition!

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8 month delayed answer, no problem!

I wasn't notified that you had even replied, but I welcome you regardless! Been on a bit of a Daytona hiatus but now back again and also with Scud Race as a newly requested game I'm setting up. Looking for a lot of fun in the near future with these games again!


i should get back to Scud Race soon.