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I recently picked up a copy of the Japanese only Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection, and found a way in the menu to make it arcade perfect.

Holding R1 over game options and pressing select allows access to a secret ROM version menu that contains the major Japanese releases, and a custom "star based" toggle that should allow access to literally all versions of the game you'd want. In my testing, it looks and feels perfectly arcade accurate when set to these modes.

There's reasons why you might not want to play on the PS2 version still though. There is a bit of input lag, maybe a few frames worth, compared to Fightcade and the PS3 with filters turned off, but it's manageable.

I'd like to see it allowed for the arcade category with the caveat that you have to show the game version settings being selected. I'm probably not going to use it because of the drawbacks, but it might get more folks playing the arcade modes, as it's the most widely available release by far, aside from Resurrection. We'd really only be talking about real hardware though. PS2 emulation is still woefully inaccurate as usual.

Here's some video of what I mean:

What do folks think?


The PS2 version using arcade perfect settings has been added after a little discussion.
Also, WolfMAME has been added to the games as an official emulation platform.

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